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This is the thing when you are a mom with grown daughters who have a stepmother, though not one that was a part of their growing up. As your children grow up and become themselves and their own adults they start reflecting back on you as a parent and become more and more aware of your faults and get more tired and inpatient with you for not fixing them. Because after all, now that they are grown women you should’ve figured everything out with yourself by now and be past any issues they figure. But stepmom, she has not been there for the history, and the long haul so her faults become irrelevant because they do not tie in to who your daughters have become. So she is not to blame. So as you grow older your daughters become more exasperated with you and more involved and closer to her. Which intern hurts you, and you overreact, which just confirms their views of all your faults. Such an exasperating cycle.



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