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Driving home from work this evening, 45 minute commute going on 90 minutes. Awful traffic, tired of the bad news I turned to classic rock, grinned at the fond memories John Mellencamp’s ‘Pink Houses’ brought. Waiting at the lo-o-ongest red light, or maybe just my impatience to be home. I wanted to take my contacts out and get out of my work clothes…though I had already maneuvered my bra off as I resent wearing it, when I glanced in the rearview mirror.
At first I couldn’t make out a person in the car behind me, then I realized that was because there was no one in the driver’s seat, no one in the passenger seat. Instead there were two people above the console. Because I had my sunglasses on I couldn’t see them as clearly, but it allowed me to stare at them without them seeing me and ruining their moment, and I believe Moments Matter Most.                                                                                                                                        Though I doubt they were aware of anyone or where they were. But it allowed me to witness adoration.

ad⋅o⋅ra⋅tion /ædəreɪʃən/
noun: a feeling of profound love and admiration

They were not going at it full on kissing. Rather it was so gentle, he stroked her cheek, she placed her hand on his, they kissed gently and barely pulled away from one another.  I found myself unwilling and unable to look away, caught by this couple in the middle of traffic who needed a moment to share their love…were they married? newly dating?  The cynical part of me wanted to smirk and knowingly give voice to the doubt that this adoration would stand the test of time was stamped out for the time being, just appreciating that this evidence of caring and yearning is what makes life sustainable, the search as much as the discovery.

Then the car behind them honked at both of us and it was over. But it was a sweet moment to draw from in the midst of everyday tragedies and inhumanities we suffer from. A sweet reminder of the gentleness of love that is adoring and moments we steal with offered opportunities both with each other and from each other. A reminder of what we all search for, whether we acknowledge it or not, to be cherished.

Look for your moments that you can let others know they are cherished and hold on longer to the moments you feel cherished.  Is there truth in “All You Need Is Love”?

Wishing you Peace~


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