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Why is it the old and familiar is what we go back to, even when we know there is better out there?

I’m sitting at my desk at work this morning, on hold, cradling the phone receiver on my shoulder, trying to multi-task, when I think “can’t believe I’m cradling this big, old bulky phone receiver.” Then I smile at the nice old comfortable feeling of it.

First thing to know is that if you aren’t over 40 you probably won’t appreciate the ‘nice old comfortable feeling’ part.
But I became aware of the weight, the size and the way it fit my ear so well. Such are the thoughts when I’m on hold.

I know today it’s all about the sleek, thin, light weight cell phone. But for some reason I felt a certain kinship with this old relic that you only rarely see, typically in offices. And I started to think of the things in life we hold on to because they are familiar, comfortable and don’t require us to learn something new or refigure them into our lives…clothing/styles, cars, a multitude of technology thingy magiggies…and people.

How many relationships do we keep because it’s ‘just easier’. We know they don’t function well, or at all, or are horribly dysfunctional, but we keep them. They present known, understood challenges vs. all new challenges. We don’t have to face moving forward to unknown new relationships when we just hang on, and on, and on.

All relationships of length present challenges I know, but those challenges should be balanced with rewards. When we stay in relationships that are not only empty, but sap our emotional strength and deplete our resolve to evolve, then aren’t we creating more work than we’re avoiding?

Fear is a powerful barrier to change.


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